Becky Hammond – Reading Specialist

Becky Hammond is a certified special education teacher in Colorado who provides intensive one-on-one reading instruction. She believes that intensive one-on-one reading instruction helps students overcome the challenges associated with poor reading processing. One-on-one intensive reading instruction is tailored to meet the needs of the reader and proceeds at the reader’s pace.

Becky worked as a special education teacher for 11 years in the Steamboat Springs School District and is now the Literacy Specialist at the Mountain Village Montessori Charter School in Steamboat Springs. As a special education teacher, Becky had the opportunity to teach hundreds of students to read. Becky believes that reading is an essential life skill. Becky has a Master of Arts in Special Education, Moderate Needs, from the University of Northern Colorado. Becky has had additional reading training including Orton Gillingham and Lindamood Bell.


  • University of Northern Colorado, MA, Special Education Moderate Needs
  • Colorado College, BA, Art History


  • Literacy Specialist – Mountain Village Montessori Charter School, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Special Education Teacher – Strawberry Park Elementary, Steamboat   Springs, CO


  • Orton Gillingham – Institute for Multi-Sensory Education
  • Lindamood Bell – Lips, Seeing Stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • International Dyslexia Association – Morphology
  • Reading in the City – Brain Research and Practical Teaching Strategies
  • Voyager Sopris Learning Literacy Symposium
  • SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, and Sight Words)


As I was growing up I watched my brother struggle to learn to read. This was a time when very little was known about how children learn to read. He was fortunate that he had motivated parents that sought out supports that would help him learn to read. His hard work with my parents as well as with various specialists and tutors paid off. Through sheer effort and determination he went on to college and law school.

As I watched my children and their classmates navigate elementary school I discovered I had an affinity for children who needed help with reading. I decided to go into special education with the purpose of helping students master reading. My years in special education were spent teaching reading. I was fortunate to have attended numerous trainings in reading and had the opportunity to teach over one thousand students to read. Today we know so much more about reading and how to help children become proficient readers. I am excited to work one-on-one to help your child develop the necessary skills to become the best reader they can be!

I want my child to succeed...

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