Our Process

At the Hammond Reading Academy we identify your child’s reading strengths and weaknesses. We create a unique reading plan designed to help your child master the code for reading. After reviewing the plan with the parent, we implement the individual reading plan.

Intensive one-on-one reading instruction is provided to your child at our office in Steamboat Springs. At the close of each session the parents have the opportunity to get feedback and information on how to support their child’s reading development.

Record Review*

By reviewing any relevant records you have, we gain a better understanding of your child’s learning style, strengths and needs. This information helps us to know how to best help your child. Records you may have include:

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
Medical diagnosis
Educational testing done elsewhere
School information

*If you don’t have any records, that is not a problem. You may be a parent with a concern about your child’s reading, and we are here to help all children become the best readers they can be.

Additional Testing

In order to design a reading plan that addresses your child’s specific reading strengths and needs, we may gather additional information in the following areas:

Phonological abilities and skills
Rapid automatic naming


A unique plan is created that addresses your child’s individual reading strengths and needs. You will have the opportunity to discuss the plan with your literacy specialist.

Plan Implementation

The literacy specialist will work with the child according to the literacy plan and communicate with parents regarding the child’s progress. Most sessions include 50 minutes one-on-one intensive reading instruction with the final 10 minutes dedicated to parent check-in with the reading specialist. A minimum of one session per week is recommended.


While we can make no guarantees as to the outcome for your child, we can guarantee that we bring years of experience and training to help every child improve his or her reading in order to become the best readers they can be.

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